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Saturday, 3 March 2012

Hiii!!! Wow...I haven't made a post for a looong time!

Yeah. What the title says. I haven't made a blog post for a very long time! Mostly because of school...and homework. And changes! :D

I have finally found out what secondary school I am going too..yayayay!

I am going too... *drumroll*


I know, you can't know! >:D

Heeeeeeeheee! :D What a shame...anyway, I don't want no random people following me around. O__e

I still have Writer's Block (unfortuantley) I am trying to write a story right now, but I just can't seem to finish it!! I keep on thinking it's rubbish... *sigh*

The title is called _________

Sorry. I ain't telling yah. Well...because I'm scared someone is going to steal my title idea!! xD I'll just get my work copyrighted...and then post little extracts of it on my blog.....IF (>:D) IF I finish it and I am happy with it!! :D

So that's all for now folks....please comment below!! ;)

Wednesday, 15 February 2012


Well. In other words, welcome to my blog! Finally. I have finsihed making it. I just have to say this, but...blogspot is awesome! Check it out, people wo don't have gmail...! :D

Diving Deep.

Wondering where I got that title from, huh? (Well, maybe you actually didn't wonder where I got that title from, but...still.)

I got that title from my imagination.

Oh yes and, before you read on ANY FURTHER, let me just tell you how weird I am. I am so weird it hurts. Literally.


I am a normal young girl who lives in ________ and is ____ years old. The reason why I made this blog is because...well, I'm bored, and my mom says to me, "Do something constructive." And.

This is something constructive, so...


When I'm older, I would like to be a nurse and a writer. I love to write. And read. Reading and writing is forever! If yah don't read, then yah can't write. That's my favorite saying!

I have Writer's Block, but if I didn't and I was in the middle of writing a fantastic story, then I would post some etracts here, but no.

I cannot tell you how scared I am.

Of losing my ideas.

What if it gets lost forever?!!?

I doubt that will ever happen.

And...That's all for now folks!

Goodbye... :D